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May 08, 2024

The Importance of Disinfection Services

As we move towards living with Covid-19, the best way to contain this pandemic is to prevent further transmission and protect individuals against exposure to the virus. Considering the persistence of the Coronaviruses on surfaces and potential risk of infection through fomites, cleaning and disinfection procedures are crucial in controlling the spread of the virus. This means that disinfection of workplaces and public areas are essential, especially where assemblies of crowds are inevitable.

What is the difference between cleaning and disinfection?
Cleaning is an important first step as it physically removes dirt and germs from surfaces. However, it does not destroy harmful germs that may remain. Disinfecting, on the other hand, destroy and kill germs, bacteria and microbes that are present on the surface. The surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly before disinfection to ensure no germs are hidden from the disinfectant when it is applied.

Disinfect high-traffic areas and surfaces
Areas that you come into contact with numerous times daily should be cleaned and disinfected regularly, these include but are not limited to: Phones, doorknobs, switches, keyboards, desks and the back of chairs.
Professional cleaners are trained to identify the high-traffic areas in your home, workplace and public areas, and ensure they are properly disinfected. While it is good to regularly clean your house, it is better to call a professional service for disinfection.

Stop the spread of viruses
Our professional cleaners and disinfection team at Getz Cleanz use safe and effective cleaning supplies to ensure that your space is cleaned and germ free. We are trained in proper sanitation practices, and will first conduct a site visit before we plan for our cleaning procedures. These can include vacuuming, wiping of furniture and facilities, clearing trash and mopping. For disinfection services, we use effective biodegradable disinfectants to cover all areas of the premises and follow up with a mop down. The mop down is to prevent the disinfectants from damaging electronic devices or furniture. We will also mop down high touch points and floors to ensure they are disinfected thoroughly.

Our professional cleaners also take all necessary precautions to protect you. We minimise the risk of spreading the virus while on job by wearing proper protective gear and social distancing. We advise the premises we are disinfecting to be vacant during the disinfection, to prevent any irritations caused by the disinfectants.

Although cleaning and disinfection services can kill germs and viruses, we should all practice personal hygiene to keep our living space clean and build habits that would not just lessen the outbreak today but can also help prevent the spread of other diseases in the future. By preventing the spread of contagious diseases, lesser people will get sick from sharing office germs and a healthier working environment will be shared by everyone. If you are searching for high quality professional cleaners, especially during Covid-19, Getz Cleanz is your answer. For more enquiries, contact us at +65 6970 9566 and follow our Instagram account, @getzcleanz for cleaning tips and updates!

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