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Getz Cleanz Pte Ltd provides the highest grade of warehouse cleaning & disinfection services in Singapore with a highly skilled team with many years of practical experience to assure a high standard of cleaning. Our proven hygiene techniques help every business or homeowner with potential cost-savings in the long run. Due to the size of modern warehouses, warehouse cleaning can be a difficult and challenging task. Without regular maintenance, warehouses can easily become dirty, disorganized and untidy, which can impede daily operations, hence raising operating costs and creating safety risks.

As a leading company in cleaning industry, we implement cleaning and safety strategies for every factory and industrial location during warehouse cleaning. In this process, we ensure your equipment is kept secure while also being thoroughly cleaned and ready for use. Our experts have a vast understanding of cleanness and safety guidelines, laws and environmental regulations established by the government when disposing industrial garbage.

A clean warehouse can increase output, increase accuracy, and hence increase overall employee satisfaction. While cleanliness concerns may not always be the number one motivating factor for workers to perform better, good hygiene practices encourages a productive, healthy and safe work environment.

To keep the area clean, we clean with chemicals, acids, and other cleaning agents to ensure that even the toughest stains, colours, and oils are eliminated. The team of experts at Getz Cleanz delivers comprehensive warehouse cleaning services, including pressure jetting loading bays, cleaning storage racks, removing cobwebs and heavy dust from high locations, and employing ride-on auto scrubbers to clean floors with stubborn oil stains.

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Benefits of warehouse cleaning services:

  • Warehouse cleanliness improves the safety and health of each worker. The security of warehouse inventory and workplace health and safety are both constant important topics. To reduce the danger of accidents brought on by inadequate cleaning, the floors must be clean and secure for walking.
  • Warehouse cleaning services by professionals reduces unnecessary losses or harm caused. Experts will do a site visit to the warehouse before any quote or cleaning is being conducted. Specialized expertise is being utilized to conduct warehouse cleaning which is different from normal cleaning procedures.
  • Professional warehouse cleaning services are being conducted by skilled and competent assistance. Deep and built-up dirt will be cleaned, and items dismantled where necessary to make sure the warehouse is clean and sound.
  • Deep warehouse cleaning services is provided including using water jets to clean the outdoors, vacuum and mop the inside floors, clean and disinfect the bathrooms, empty trash cans, dust the computers and workstations, wipe the phones and remotes, clean the pantry area, wash the blinds and curtains, wax the tiled floors, and shampoo the sofas, chairs, and carpets as well as vacuum off dirt and dust.


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