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We believe that our home is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Clear fundamental overviews shows that our homes are cleaned everyday by ourselves, parents, or foreign domestic helpers.

We do so as we believe that it is unavoidable that homeowners will bring back dirt, germs and even viruses to our home from outside when we are sitting on the bus, MRT, restaurants, coffee shops and other public places. Most of this exposure takes place from simple interactions such as from talking or walking past an individual.

That leaves us with the question – if we regularly ensure the cleanliness of our house, how experienced is the individual who is cleaning the house? Are they fully trained in cleaning upholstery? Upholstery is a type of material that is tough to fully clean. Most times, upholstery cleaning is done on a regular basis by professional cleaning companies in Singapore.

Unfortunately, we are sadden to see that most homeowners overlook on cleaning upholstery materials. Visually, due to these circumstances, it is assumed that upholstery furnitures, such as sofas, chairs or pillows, are clean. This myth is inaccurate.

We can do a simple checklist: –

  1. How often do you spend time around your upholstery-based furniture’s?
  2. How often do you clean your upholstery-based furniture’s?
  3. How do you know that the method of cleaning is accurate?

Facing doubts while answering those questions? Do not worry. You are not alone. Most Singaporean homeowners feel the same. We understand that research is required and due to hectic work schedules, most of us would want to spend our free time relaxing at home.

Of course, we are not telling you to throw away sofas and chairs that are ridden with unseen dirt and germs due to improper care. As it is costly to replace or throw away dirty upholstery furniture, regular maintenance is the key.

We highly encourage you to schedule a regular upholstery cleaning every 3 months. This advice is from a professional cleaning company with a proven track record. Apart from that, the cleaning company must display upholstery cleaning as one of their key services. It would make sense for any homeowners to be engaging in a team of experts and not a fly-by-night firm that may damage your furniture.

Getz Cleanz Pte Ltd is a Gold Mark Accredited Cleaning Company in Singapore that provides professional upholstery cleaning services that maintains furniture in a fresh and clean state. Eco-friendly chemical cleaning products and the latest dry-cleaning technology are being used by the team of experts to not only deliver excellent cleaning results, but also extend the lifespan of the furniture.

At Getz Cleanz, our team of professionals provide full hygiene upholstery cleaning services and disinfection on your favourite fabric, leather, or velvet upholstery in Singapore. As germs, allergens and other microorganisms are not visible to the naked eye, there is as much as 12 times more bacteria and germs than on a fridge door handle, if the upholstery is not cleaned frequently. Hence mopping and sweeping is not sufficient in keeping the environment healthy and clean.

Both residential areas as well as offices and public areas are required to keep upholstery clean. This is so there is a healthy working and sharing environment. Experts in Getz Cleanz ensures that chairs, sofas, carpets as well as fabric wall panels are free from dirt, stains, germs, bacteria, and any hazardous microorganisms.

The professionals at Getz Cleanz suggest that it is best to have upholstery cleaning services every three months to have the best maintenance.

If you are suffering from sinus, dust mite’s allergy or skin rashes, it is best to have upholstery cleaning services monthly to every 2 months. Our professionals will first consult with your concerns and requirements to select the best suited upholstery cleaning methodology for your specific requirements (deep upholstery cleaning/ steam cleaning/ dry cleaning). The upholstery cleaning will be performed by experts via sophisticated cleaning technology.

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Getz Cleanz Pte Ltd is a Clean Mark Gold, ISO 45001: 2018 and Bizsafe Star Certified Cleaning Company . We believe in providing our clients the most affordable and high-quality service, making a difference in their lives. We provide contract-based and ad-hoc cleaning services for both workspaces and private spaces.

Benefits of upholstery cleaning:

  • Every piece of furniture has different values and material. With our experts that have years of experience, they are highly trained in ensuring there is no chemical residue left behind in each upholstery cleaning treatment, as it could damage the upholstery. Regular upholstery cleaning and maintenance improves indoor air quality while preserving the elegance and aesthetic of your furniture.
  • Research has also shown that mattresses, carpets, sofas, and any upholstery in general have a high tendency of breeding pests and allergens. In addition, upholstery furniture contains dust mites, fleas and other contaminants that may be dangerous to your health. Getz Cleanz upholstery cleaning services can eliminate these health hazards to improve your quality of life.
  • Getting upholstery cleaning services will provide benefits to your loved ones as they will be free from bacteria that may cause skin rashes, dust mites allergy, sinus etc. Without proper upholstery cleaning service, upholstery will result in pest infection, bad odours, mould and fungi or even food residue that becomes food source for pest, germs etc.


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