Accredited BCA FM02 and Clean Mark Gold NEA Cleaning Company in Singapore


What makes Us (Getz Cleanz Pte Ltd) Credible? We are a yearly audited cleaning company that allows
our clients to be assured of our professionalism and commitment, Auditing compromises of compliance within all regulatory and training areas. We perform an external audit Yearly by a licensed audit firm from Singapore to ensure that all financials and trainings are within the highest standards of

Our team is extremely experienced in delivering the best Pest Control Solutions in Singapore, including office, dormitories, industrial, and commercial cleaning. Having served more than 300 clients to date accompanied with rich experience in housekeeping, disinfection, and commercial cleaning. We are confident that our team has superior skillsets as compared to our competitors that may not have Clean Mark Gold, 1SO 45001: 2018, 1SO 14001: 2015, 1SO 9001:2015, and Bizsafe Star Certified Cleaning Company,certification.

Managing properties that require a custom solution that compromises cleaning, housekeeping, disinfecting, handyman, delivery of food, replenishing of soaps, shampoo, and toiletries for properties.

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  • – Houses and Bungalows
  • – Apartments and Condominiums
  • – HDB Flats (Public Housing)
  • – Lawn and Garden Areas
  • – Balconies and Terraces
  • – Roof Garden
  • – Townhouses
  • – Rental Properties
  • – Gated Communities and Private Estates


  • – Office Buildings
  • – Warehouses and Storage Facilities
  • – Restaurants and Food Establishments
  • – Retail Stores
  • – Hotels and Hospitality Industry
  • – Healthcare Facilities
  • – Educational Institutions
  • – Industrial Facilities
  • – Commercial Landscapes
  • – Construction Sites
  • – Storage Units
  • – Data Centers and IT Facilities


  • – Reduce Disease Transmission
  • – Prevents Contamination
  • – Mantains Hygeine
  • – Protects Health
  • – Prevent Allergies and Respiratory Issues
  • – Preserves Property
  • – Meet Regulatory Standards

Effective Pest Control Solutions for a Clean, Healthy Space

Are pesky pests invading your space, making you feel uneasy in your own home or office? It’s time to take action with the best Pest Control services provider in Singapore. At Getz Cleanz Pte. Ltd., we specialize in providing highly effective pest control solutions that not only rid your space of unwanted intruders but also ensure a clean and healthy living environment for you and your loved ones.

Our team of seasoned experts understands the importance of a pest-free home or space. Pests can carry diseases, damage property, and create a sense of discomfort in your own space.With our meticulous pest control solutions in Singapore, you can regain the peace of mind
you deserve.

We believe that every personal or commercial space is unique, and so are its pest control needs. That’s why we offer customized solutions tailored to your specific situation. Whether you’re dealing with ants, rodents, termites, or any other pests, our experienced technicians use the latest techniques and eco-friendly products to eliminate them from your premises.

Comprehensive Pest Control Services

Getz Cleanz offers the Best Pest Control Services in Singapore. We take pride in our reputation for delivering comprehensive pest control solutions that leave no room for unwanted visitors. We understand that pests can disrupt your life, damage your property, and pose health risks to your family. That’s why we’re committed to providing top-notch pest management solutions to safeguard your home.

Our certified technicians are experts in their field, with years of experience in dealing with a wide range of pests. From ants and rodents to termites and beyond, we have the knowledge and expertise to tackle any pest-related challenge. We stay up-to-date with the latest industry advancements and utilize environmentally friendly products to ensure both the effectiveness and safety of our treatments.

Why Choose Getz Cleanz Cleaning Company for Pest Control?

Experienced Professionals: Our certified technicians have years of experience in pest control, ensuring efficient and effective solutions.

Safe and Eco-Friendly: We prioritize the safety of your family and pets by using environmentally friendly pest control methods.

Customized Plans: Every home is unique, and so are its pest control needs. We create personalized plans to address your specific issues.

Guaranteed Results: We stand behind our work. If pests return between treatments,we’ll come back and re-treat at no extra cost.

When it comes to pest control, choose Getz Cleanz for reliable and affordable services. Say goodbye to pests and hello to a clean, pest-free home today.




Getz Cleanz Pte Ltd (WWW.GETZCLEANZ.COM.SG) is an accredited pest control company in Singapore. We strongly believe that our services are top-notch with highly trained cleaners from WSQ. Accompanying with being accredited as a BCA FM02 and Clean Mark Gold by NEA with a proven track record, we believe that we are able to deliver on all your cleaning needs.

So whether its basic cleaning, deep cleaning, pest control or disinfection, to keep your staff or family safe and efficient, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver. Not convinced? See our media coverage and our portfolio of clients that have trusted us.

With the rising demand of the need for green technology, we have converted to eco-friendly chemical agents to do our part to combat climate change. Apart from compliance, we are dedicating ourselves to the Singapore Government 2030 Green Plan.

To further strengthen our value, our staff are trained in basic data protection, we understand that data privacy is increasingly important with big data. Following the mandatory Data Protection Officer (DPO) law in the Republic of Singapore, we understand that bigger companies’ Data Protection Officer may identify external vendors especially cleaner as a risk to Personal Data.

Acknowledging that companies will need to mitigate all risks, Getz Cleanz Pte Ltd (Data Processor) has set privacy policies and procedures to ensure that our staff are trained to comply when they are performing their office cleaning duties.



With one of the most affordable rate in the market, getting your space cleaned by a professional has never been more valued for money and convenient.