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Through decades of experience, Getz Cleanz Pte Ltd is a Gold Mark Accredited Cleaning Company that provides professional laboratory cleaning services in Singapore. Our cleaning team is highly trained to perform ultra-sensitive laboratory cleaning services.

Due to the nature of works performed in laboratories, it is important to find highly trained specialists to manage such properties to ensure that the environment is well taken care of. Taking into consideration that most laboratories deals with biohazardous substances, it is extremely important to ensure that all surfaces are well cleaned and sanitised regularly. The team at Getz Cleanz undergoes rigorous training to learn and implement all cleaning techniques in every aspect of laboratory cleaning to ensure the space is well-cleaned.

Laboratories should regularly disinfect to reduces the likelihood of infectious diseases (including the fly, staphylococcus and the common cold) from spreading. Using the right cleaning chemicals, including disinfectants will efficiently kill off these infectious agents. Regular laboratory cleaning services is crucial, and all chemical agents used are approved by Health Science Authority (HAS) from its safety data sheet.

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There is a common misconception in using regular household cleaning chemicals to clean laboratory spaces. In our experience, mostly, regular household cleaning chemicals are suitable to use in lab settings and there is a risk of damaging specific instrument surfaces, or even the entire equipment. Our trained team ensures that the correct chemicals are used for the appropriate settings.

To successfully stop the transmission of bacteria, germs and viruses, our team of experts clean and sanitise common places as well as hidden spots with the highest grade of recognised cleaning chemicals.

For laboratory cleaning on high-touch locations and equipments, we adopt a wipe down methodology using a cloth and chemical agents to disinfect benchtops, equipment latches and handles, and high touch point switches such as switches, doorknobs and many more.

Specific wipe down techniques are used to disinfect hand tools, micro-pipettors, chemical bottles and lids, faucet handles and etc. This ensures disinfectants will not negatively react with the chemicals in the laboratory.

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Benefits of laboratory cleaning:

With professional laboratory cleaning services, the laboratory will be free from contamination. Independent testing has show that the disinfection solutions we employ in our cleaning services are effective against more than 100 virus strains, 22 viral families, 400 bacterial strains, and 60 fungus species. The Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease and COVID-19 (corona- virus) makes up some of them.

The best approach to guarantee that your premises is always clean is to work with a team that is responsible, responsive and knowledgeable. In ensuring that a complete wipe down has been performed, our team of experts will analyse and use a specific cleaning pattern to ensure that every spot has been cleaned.

Researchers’ morale and work productivity will be improved due to enhanced cleaner environment. The total effectiveness of laboratory operations will significantly increase due to the cleanliness and hygiene of the workplace.

Getz Cleanz’s team of expert will minimise and prevent unwanted damages. With improper handling by experts during laboratory cleaning and disinfection, careless usage of chemicals can lead to the depreciation of integrity of all lab workbenches. Such actions may result in increased vulnerability in breakage due to negligent handling and spillage from bench tops.

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