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It is essential for hostels or dormitories to upload a high standard of hygiene, as emphasised from Singapore’s government policies. Getz Cleanz Pte Ltd is a Gold Mark Accredited Cleaning Company that provides professional hostel cleaning services in Singapore. Our team is trained and equipped with years of experience in ensuring that the highest quality of hostel cleaning is provided. This is especially crucial where there is a lapse of hygiene in communal living. Bacteria or germs may result in a rapid, unwanted spread of infectious diseases.

Our team holds a very strict code of conduct. We ensure the premises are of a good standard of hygiene, that prioritises individuals having a clean and healthy environment while staying in hostels. The cleanliness of hostels not only provide a healthy and comfortable environment, but it also holds an essential factor in boosting the satisfaction end enjoyment of every valuable customer during their stay.

To reduce the chance of hazards and spreading of infectious disease, salient cleaning operations are being conducted by our team of experts diligently. Hostel cleaning duties include cleaning and disinfecting high touch points for individuals, such as counters, tabletops, stair rails, doorknobs and handles, as well as common areas that are frequently patronised by people – such as toilets, kitchens, dining or resting areas and public telephones.

Not forgetting areas and corners that are not easily assessable such ledges, spot-clean walls, vents, and partitions, will be cleaned thoroughly. The refuse centre or bin centre will be washed, cleaned and disinfected, and removal of refuse or garbage will be done if required.

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Benefits of Hostel Cleaning Services:

  • Improve safety and performance through superior hostel cleaning services
  • Increase turnover through higher guest loyalty by efficient hostel cleaning services
  • Increases customer satisfaction rate through a clean and superior guest experience
  • Reduction of property damage costs through smart preventive maintenance and best cleaning procedures
  • Improvements to health and cleanness through proper cleaning that eliminates dust and other hazardous elements
  • Absence of bad odours/smells that enhance environmental experiences
  • With our hospital-grade disinfection services, chemicals kills 99.9% of germs and corona virus. With such, hostel cleaning services is one of the key for preventive measures to stop cross-contamination, and ultimately stop the spread of infectious diseases.

An image of a cleaner performing Hostel Cleaning duties

We have more than 10+ years working experience.

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