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Getz Cleanz Pte Ltd is undoubtedly the best option when it comes to cleaning properties of all sizes.  With their years of experience offering factory cleaning services throughout Singapore, we have earned a reputation in Singapore as the ones to rely on because of our dedication to consistently providing the best results. Our team of experts can handle any work, no matter how hard it may be, from giant industrial factories to modest homes.

A factory in Singapore is required to perform routine cleaning services to ensure that it is as tidy and clean as possible, just like any home or business. Without a doubt, factory facilities can get very unkempt and filthy. It is important to note that maintenance of such will directly affect the outcome of safety.

Factory cleaning services are required to maintain and fulfil safety and cleanliness standards, as well as to keep workplace hygiene in tiptop conditions. With that in mind, the productivity of the workforce will increase.

In an organization that owns or operates factory or industrial units, the team at Getz Cleanz highly encourages each factory to maintain its cleanliness, as good maintenance can directly assist with the maintenance of its asset value. Factory cleaning services include not just interior cleaning, but includes the cleanliness of the area and the precinct. It has shown that Workers’ safety and health are at risk in a badly managed and ill-maintained workplace.

Combustible dust is a major source of concern. Products including metals, wood, cereals, chemicals, and other textile materials produce this dust. This combustible dust has the potential to ignite flames, detonate, and even explode under certain circumstances. Dirt, dust, and other environmental contaminants can reduce the effectiveness of your factory’s machinery, which will decrease job productivity.

In addition to providing the necessary skills and expertise to do the task, a professional factory cleaning services provider must be knowledgeable and familiar with Singapore’s legal, environmental, and safety requirements and standards. In simple terms, only a specialist should provide you with professional factory cleaning solutions that meet the highest industry standards.

Benefits of factory cleaning services:

  • With a clean working environment, the safety and health of each worker will be enhanced. Our professional cleaners can eliminate contaminants from surfaces and remove flammable dust, keeping your factory clean and well-maintained. Poor indoor air quality as well as safety hazard risks will be eliminated.
  • With factory cleaning services, it will decrease employees’ burden as cleaning a factory that required a lot of time, energy, that may distract them from the original scope of work.
  • Without proper cleaning knowledge, there will be a high possibility for an employee getting injured or damage of the property. Such damage may be irreversible. The danger and accidents are being minimized especially when the surrounding are being professionally cleaned by our team of experts.
  • A professional will know the differences between cleaning agents used for general purpose cleaning and those used for industrial. The use of specific industrial-strength chemical compounds could endanger the health of your employees without proper supervision and care. Therefore, it is highly advisable to leave factory cleaning to a professional cleaning company in Singapore who is aware of the possible risks associated with the use of different chemicals.
  • Factory cleaning services also lower operational costs as without proper maintenance on the plant and machinery, debris will accumulate inside the ductwork of the process exhaust system, which decreases the machine’s ability to hazardous residue properly. The lower the efficiency of the plant and machinery, the lower the effective output which will result in the decrease in profits.

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