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School Disinfection Singapore

We believe that with good childcare cleaning, every centre owner’s concern on standard hygiene policies is solved. Since every child may spend a period of close to 6 to 8 hours a day at a childcare centre, it is extremely important to contact a professional daycare sanitizing Singapore company.

Every child is precious to their parents, and every parent wishes for their child to get the best possible education and the best amenities. Hence, children are sent to childcare centres at young age to keep up with their peers. Apart from being qualified to support the development of a child, it is also important to take into consideration the environmental hygiene of the childcare. Reports show that parents are extremely concerned over the cleanliness of a space, especially in the current phase of the pandemic. We believe that childcare cleaning is very important as children have lower immune systems compared to adults, which can lead to frequent sickness.

Having said so, Getz Cleanz Pte Ltd is a Gold Mark Accredited Cleaning Company that provides professional pre-school cleaning services in Singapore. We are aware of the anxiety of parents and place great emphasis of every childcare facility in hygiene, health and wellness.

We provide high quality childcare cleaning and hygiene standards to ensure that children are in a safe environment. Due to lower immune systems, children are more prone to the spread of disease-causing germs when they play and interact with each other in their daily activities around the childcare centre.

Childcare cleaning services consist of, and are not limited, to cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces as thoroughly as possible. This greatly reduces the rate of transmission of any diseases and bacteria.

Children have high contact with tables, toys and books, which are easily contaminated. Regular mopping and sweeping does not fully eliminate dust, dirt, germs and bacteria. This is why childcare cleaning services by professionals should be the top priority of childcare centre owners in maintaining healthy and safe environments for each child.

In addition, childcare cleaning services are required regularly as children lack self-hygienic practices. We believe all parents agree that their child often tends to have habits such as eating before cleaning their hands or putting their hands in their mouths. Inevitably, toys and small items that may be used by the child is difficult to monitor due to the ratio of child to teacher.

Without engaging proper school disinfection in Singapore , the endless cycle of sickness spreading amongst children will become the norm. In worst cases, due the poor accountability of childcare centres, National Environmental Agency (NEA) may step in to suspend or fine the centre for poor hygiene policies.

In such cases, it is highly encouraged for childcare centres to adopt a pro-hygiene policy by professional cleaning companies in Singapore that has a proven track record for the provision of childcare cleaning services. Getting an expert cleaning team that provides modern decontamination techniques will bring assurance to the child’s parents and the childcare owner.

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Benefits of Daycare Sanitizing Services:

  • A professional cleaning company in Singapore that provides Childcare cleaning services, focusing on mitigating health risks for each child due to bacteria, germs, and viruses and at the same time help to pro-long and enhance the facility’s appearance.
  • Childcare cleaning services hold as a safeguard that protects children as well as employees working in the childcare centre. Regular childcare cleaning is highly encouraged to lower overall expenditures and enhance indoor air quality.
  • Profitability will also increase with better hygiene policies for potential customers. Your childcare centre will have an excellent reputation that will attract more customers as you are assumed to be a responsible centre that ensures the health and safety of every child.

Prevent wanted whistle-blower from dissatisfied parents who feel that the hygiene practices are not acceptable which may cause fines from regulatory bodies.

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