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May 08, 2024

Is the Future of Commercial Cleaning Going Chemical-Free?

Safety has always been a top concern for companies, especially when it comes to their cleaning staff. Switching to pre-measured chemical products can save your company money and make the workplace safer. When it comes to commercial cleaning, cleaners must use high-quality products to keep the space spick-and-span. However, using various cleaning techniques doesn’t necessarily mean they must include chemical products. Opting for the best office cleaning services in Singapore can help you find alternative solutions that are eco-friendly.

But replacing all chemicals completely might be a bit far-fetched. So, before we dive into whether we can completely avoid using chemical-free products or methods, let’s understand what “chemical-free cleaning” is.

Defining ‘Chemical-Free’ Cleaning

Chemical-free cleaning is a way to clean that is good for the environment and keeps you healthy. This is especially important if you are allergic to chemicals or if your employees are sensitive. These products are not only safe for your workspace but also good for the environment. With rising issues such as global warming and pollution, nowadays more and more organizations are shifting towards solutions that are eco-friendly.

Can we really clean without chemicals?

One of the best methods cleaners opt for to avoid using chemical products is steam cleaning. You can find several office cleaning services in Singapore that offer the best steam cleaning services. The cleaning method has long been recognized as an effective way to clean and sanitize surfaces, killing 99 percent of germs and bacteria. The split-stream system takes a chemical-free approach, using a salt-based process that charges water electrically. Moreover, it’s versatile and can be used to clean the areas that need the most care, like the kitchen, bathrooms, windows, and textiles.

The objective of chemical-free cleaning

Businesses are required to prioritize creating the safest work environment while minimizing risks for their cleaning staff. Regular cleaning products with chemicals can release harmful compounds into the air, making the indoor air quality bad and causing health problems. Furthermore, chemical-free cleaning products don’t have strong smells or harmful chemicals. They use natural ingredients, reducing the chance of breathing issues or allergies.

Besides, traditional cleaning products with chemicals can be bad for your health, especially if they touch your skin or are accidentally swallowed. Chemical-free cleaning products, on the other hand, use natural ingredients from plants, lowering the risk of harmful exposure. Using these safer products can protect your cleaning staff’s health at work. Getz Cleanz offers the best office cleaning services in Singapore. Schedule a consultation today!

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