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May 08, 2024

Disinfectant vs. Sanitizer: What should you choose for your office?

There are often cases when our clients ask us about whether they should go for disinfectant or sanitizer and which is better. Let’s resolve the issues once and for all:

Sanitizers vs. disinfectants:

Even though people often use the terms “sanitizers” and “disinfectants” interchangeably, they’re actually different and should be used in specific situations. Let’s break down what you need to understand about sanitizers and disinfectants, including when, where, and how to use them.

  • Sanitising reduces the number of germs on surfaces or objects—either by killing them or getting rid of them—while disinfecting wipes out germs on surfaces or objects. We offer the best office cleaning services in SingaporeOur cleaning process involves thoroughly disinfecting every nook and cranny of your work space.
  • Some usual disinfectants are bleach and alcohol mixtures. You usually have to let the disinfectant sit on the surfaces and objects for some time to kill the germs. Disinfecting doesn’t necessarily mean cleaning dirty surfaces or getting rid of germs. Sanitising could involve cleaning, disinfecting, or both.

Sanitizer for cleaning hands

With the pandemic in recent years, we are all well aware of the importance of washing our hands. But when it comes to your hands, it’s not suitable to use disinfectants on your skin as they can have serious effects. Provide your team with hand wash and hand sanitizer to avoid the spread of germs. 

Disinfectant for Surface Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning surfaces, it’s best to use disinfectants. At offices, the most commonly used are doorknobs, toilet handles, and sinks. Hence, you need to regularly disinfect it to avoid your employees falling sick. Choosing the right products can assist in stopping or permanently deactivating pathogens, preventing the spread of infection. Essential disinfectant ingredients include alcohol, chlorine compounds, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, and iodophors. 

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