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Jul 03, 2024

Affordable and reliable office cleaning services in Singapore

Cleanliness speaks a lot about an organization. It portrays ethics, virtue, and how much the organisation values its employees. Hence, most reputable organisations in Singapore focus on maintaining the cleanliness of their office spaces. However, choosing appropriate office cleaning services in Singapore can be expensive, especially for organisations with a small budget.

To resolve this, we’re guiding you towards a few factors that may help you find reliable services that also offer affordable solutions. Let’s get started:

Spend time researching.

When you’re tight on budget, it’s better to do some research. If you’ve got any references, don’t hesitate to reach out to them. But if not, Google can be handy to find you some of the most affordable office cleaning teams in Singapore. Go through a range of websites and look into the type of service they provide, their experience, and whether they’re certified. Having an understanding of what to expect can also help you come up with a budget.

Look into your schedule

Cleaning offices can be time-consuming. Depending on the size of your workspace, it can take up to two hours or more. Asking the cleaning agency during your work hours can impact your team’s concentration and productivity. Moreover, you also need to pay extra attention when it comes to cleaning restrooms, the kitchen, and the pantry. As these spaces have a higher chance of transmitting diseases, they require high-quality disinfectants and sanitizing. However, these products can be harmful if they come in direct contact, which calls for choosing a time after the work hours.

Consider all the services you need

Being aware of what you need can help you choose a more reliable cleaning team. There are several office cleaning companies in Singapore that offer tailored services based on your specific business. Let’s take an example to clear it up for you. Suppose a cleaning agency offers both cleaning and maintenance in their package. If you choose both, it may be more expensive than only cleaning services. Paying attention to these minor details can help you save money in the long run.

Check out the cleaning team’s availability

Having a cleaning schedule is essential for routine maintenance. However, it never hurts to go for a company that can always make time in case of emergency. For instance, your team is having a short after-office weekend party inside the workspace or celebrating staff birthdays. These occasions involve food and a lot of mess, so having helping hands to clean up would keep your office clean and smell fresh.

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