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May 08, 2024

5 Question you may ask your office cleaning company

So you have narrowed down to your top choices of office cleaning company to engage and are thinking of which office cleaning company is superior. Still undecided on which office cleaning company to choose? Fret not, here are some questions that you may ask your office cleaning company before deciding on which company you would like to commit to.

1)  What are your past works and reviews?

It is beneficial to see the past works of office cleaning companies as then, you can view the standards that the office cleaning company provides. Pictures say a thousand words, and a simple glance at their portfolio would already give you a rough idea of the type of service they will offer to you.

Moreso, with the past works of each company, you can notice what kind of office space the company has had experience in. All offices are vastly different, and sometimes, even with a company with a large amount of experience may not have the valid expertise of cleaning your specific office space. Hence, it is important to view the past works of a office cleaning company to see if they are capable of cleaning an office space like yours.

You can also read up on reviews by past customers for the office cleaning company’s past works. Reviews are a good indication on if the office cleaning company is producing quality output. As these reviews are by past customers, you can be assured that the service that is provided to you will satisfy your office cleaning needs.

2) How many accreditations and certifications have they acquired over the years?

Viewing a company’s accreditations awarded is one factor to consider before engaging in an office cleaning company. Accreditations are a way in which determines a company has exceeded quality standards. With viewing an office cleaning company’s past accreditation, you can get a sense of the credibility of this company. These accreditations comes in all forms of awards. Some accreditations are for quality standard, while some are for ensuring that companies have met certain minimum requirements.

Some common accreditations that office cleaning companies hold are the National Environment Agency (NEA) Clean Mark Accreditation, Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Accreditations and even ISO Certifications. Companies that hold such accreditations signals to their customers that they are competent and will provide quality output. These accreditations show that the company is recognizable and reputable.

To add on, such certifications, like the ISO certificates, shows that services offered by these office cleaning companies are consistent. Especially due to the nature of cleaning companies, many will opt for repeated scheduled cleaning. This is important as you would want to engage in an office cleaning company that serves consistent work. We would not want the quality and standard to drop after a few visits, hence these accreditations would help give assurance that the outputs are kept consistent.

3) How are the trainings conducted for the staff?

The nature of services offered by office cleaning companies entail for the staff deployed to be properly trained and knowledgeable. Adequate training should be done by the office cleaning company to ensure that each staff that is being deployed to your location is well versed with cleaning knowledge as well as use of equipment.

Looking into the trainings conducted for every staff is advantageous as then, you can be rest assured that you will receive quality standards. As office cleaning does not entail just a simple wipe using a tissue, there are many knowledge that the cleaning staff needs to know. For example, the staff needs to be knowledgeable in what cleaning chemicals to be used so as to ensure the surfaces cleaned are not damaged. This is important as many chemical reactions may happen if the user is not well versed with these solutions. The last thing that we want is for your furniture to be ruined, and needing to fork out additional money to replace them.

Usually, cleaning companies in Singapore would send their staff to WSQ courses to ensure that the are well equipped with the necessary before being able to start to clean spaces.

4) How strong is their response rate?

Engaging in an office cleaning company that has a strong response rate is important. For example, if you email an office cleaning company and they get back within the hour, this is effective as then, arrangements can be made promptly, and your office will get cleaned the soonest. This reduces time wastage and in turn provides for seamless communication between both the office cleaning company and yourself.

Moreso, with fast response, all your queries can be met in the shortest amount of time. You would then be able to know if this cleaning company is ready to meet your want and needs. To add on, in terms of emergency situations, your office cleaning company should be able to attend to any of your calls as quickly as possible. For example, if there was a major spill on your carpet before a big meeting, your office cleaning company should be able to make the emergency visit to ensure that the spill is cleaned.

With such, it is advisable to stick to such a cleaning company which can meet emergency needs. However, although some office cleaning companies are able to meet you on such short notice, they may charge you ridiculous prices for such emergency service. Hence, speaking to your chosen office cleaning company about situations like this and the rate they charge might be beneficial as you would not want to have a shock when the bill comes back.

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