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May 08, 2024

3 factors to choose an office cleaning company.

It is essential for companies to be choosing the right office cleaning company. With over 1,200 cleaning companies in Singapore, how does one ensure they are choosing the right office cleaning company to engage? There are several factors to consider when engaging in the right office cleaning services in Singapore.

For instance, the cleaning company should be qualified and professional with trustable reviews. The cleaning company should also be able to accommodate your specific needs and schedule. There should be minimal disruption to your workflow too. Choosing an office cleaning company that offers flexible schedules and customised solutions would entail for your business to satisfies your needs and end goals.

Here are 3 factors that you may consider.

A) Accreditations

 In Singapore, cleaning companies should be accredited and certified. So, what are the certifications that you can look out for?

i) National Environmental Agency (NEA)’s Clean Mark Gold/Silver Accreditation

 You can look for accreditations such as the National Environmental Agency (NEA) Clean Mark Gold or Silver Mark Accreditation. Clean Mark Gold Accreditation is preferable as it is the top Accreditation that the business can obtain in terms of professional cleaning standards. Looking out for cleaning companies that are accredited with this award would prove that the company is credible and of quality standard.

ii) International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) Certifications

Additionally, you can look for International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) Certifications, such as the ISO 9001:2015. Such ISO Certifications are awarded to businesses who develops high quality of standards of products and services. Hence with this, companies can rest assured that these cleaning companies are professional and trustable. This shows that the cleaning company that you are going to engage in follows strict compliances and will deliver the best results for you and your business.

Having such certifications like this would prove that the company conforms to industry standards. With this, you can be rest assured that the cleaning company you are engaging is up to standard.

iii) Reviews/Portfolios/Interviews

Reading any reviews or interviews about the cleaning company may also be helpful. Positive reviews and comments about the company show that the company is reliable and trustable.

The most important would be a letter of recommendation from bigger companies. The credibility of such recommendations to an office cleaning company is more trustworthy and prevents any fake spam google reviews.

Another option is to run a simple google search on your chosen company can lead you to many reviews from past customers – this can include Google reviews, Facebook reviews or even past interviews.

By reading reviews from past customers, you can gauge the service that your chosen office cleaning company service standards.

To be safer, you can look at the office cleaning company’s portfolio or track record. These portfolios would entail you to be able to see the company’s past works and hence able to establish if they are up to your standards.

It is important and highly advisable to see past works as this sets a standard when you are about to engage your chosen cleaning company.

From there, you can make an informed decision.

iv) Data Protection measures

With the rise of connectivity, is it without a doubt that most offices are likely to have very personal information and data stored, such as papers or even digital gadgets including computers, it is important that the chosen office cleaning company staffs are equipped with knowledge to protect your data as they are performing their cleaning duties?

A simple preventive measures for business owners is to ensure that the office cleaning company has a data privacy policy, and that each cleaner understands that all personal information seen during the operations of office cleaning should not be intentional.

In any situation that a cleaner happens to come across any personal data during their cleaning duties, they should be equipped to not divulge any information.  

To ensure that cleaning companies are enforcing such measures, business owners should validate by asking cleaning companies in Singapore questions as their policies and procedures that includes of signing NDAs, training of fundamentals of data protection for all cleaners to mitigate risk of any possible personal data leaked.

The above are examples that demonstrates the office cleaning company is trustable, accountable, and reliable.

Moreso, you can look at the office cleaning company’s portfolio or track record. These portfolios would entail you to be able to see the company’s past works and hence able to establish if they are up to your standards. It is important to see past works as this sets a standard when you are about to engage your chosen cleaning company.

B) Reachability

 i) Good after cleaning service

Dealing with chemicals may be tricky. Mixing certain chemicals might cause an unpleasant reaction to your furniture that may ruin your furniture. In the worst-case scenario, the reaction is delayed, and the effects only show after a few days.

Your chosen office cleaning company should provide exceptional aftercare service to you. Some companies may “let go” of their client post sales. Thus, is it important to be confident that your chosen cleaning company provides support if such mishaps happen.

ii)Emergency services activation

What would you do if your sink pipe has suddenly burst and caused flooding in your toilet? Choosing an office cleaning company that is responsive and able to cater to your emergencies is one plus point when looking out for an office cleaning company.

Your chosen office company should be able to adhere to such emergency situations if needed. Most importantly, the chosen office company should not charge absorbent prices for such situations.

The chosen office cleaning company should have transparent pricing. Ultimately, every office cleaning companies aim should be customer centric and to ensure that business owners operations are not affected.

C) Value for Money

Lastly, you may want to consider the various packages that bring a bang for your buck for your company. If you are looking for specific forms of cleaning, such as office disinfection or upholstery office cleaning, it may be useful to engage in a cleaning company that specialises in those areas.

Our advice is that when you are dealing with an office cleaning company, the representative whom you speak to should not be a sales representative. The rational is that the sales representative does not have as much knowledge as per the operational staff. In such cases, what may happen is that the information flow and pricing may not be as accurate.

Ironically, if the pricing is too low, it should not be seen as a win situation for business owners as a storm is likely to arrive soon.

The team of Getz Cleanz highly encourage business owners in Singapore to speak to a representative that has good operational experience, from this perspective, the representatives can better gauge and provide you with a more accurate quotation based on your requirement.

 i) Monthly Package rates

Your company may consider engaging in cleaning companies that offer cleaning packages that are usually value for money, hence reduces any additional costs incurred on your business in the long run.

We highly advice to take into consideration apart from just the price they offer and ensure that there are no hidden charges.

The second point to note is that the monthly rates should not be too low. Why so? Most of the time an office cleaning company is still a for profit organisation. In such case, any heavily below market price can appear as dubious or untrustworthy.

Overly low monthly rates can indicate that such office cleaning companies may cut corners and quality of work may not be achieved. Think about it logically, the labour and chemical cost are fixed and with no for-profit organisation would wish to incur losses that are preventable.

In such cases, it is logical to say that most of the time overly low rates comes under the expenses of the business owner.

Our advice is to business owner is to vet through and informed trusted office cleaning companies for any customisable services and request to quote accordingly.

ii) Proper equipment or chemical

Doing some light research on the equipment that your chosen cleaning company uses may be beneficial.  

This gives you a guide and direction on the rate of your package. For example, you would not want to engage in a company who uses outdated equipment, or a cleaning company that uses non-eco-friendly chemicals but still charges you a premium price.  

As such, this light research may come in handy when you compare prices with various office cleaning companies. Do not be fool by some of the pricing strategies adopted by bigger firms, not all premium prices equate to premium quality.

Hence, with all these factors listed, you can use these options to outweigh your options on choosing the best office cleaning company if you are situated in Singapore.

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